Social Media Marketing

Increase brand visibility and gather strategic business intelligence


ocial media is transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers — one out of every seven minutes spent online is on Facebook. As a result, it is no longer simply a matter of generating brand conversation, you must shape the inevitable conversation to cultivate meaningful and sustainable relationships.

Traditional advertising and marketing efforts are not as effective at reaching consumers in target markets as they once were. Business owners have to respond to this reality in ways that fit their company culture. One cost-effective way to reach out to digital consumers is to invest in the creation of a social media presence. When you choose a company to provide social media marketing services, you get experts who know how to plan and implement effective marketing campaigns.

A haphazard approach to social media marketing isn’t recommended. You need the combined talents of social media experts who will consider the needs of your audience and choose the right networking tools to reach them. The focus is on building long-term relationships between customers and your company. We help build those relationships using a range of social networking tools, including text messaging, videos, blogging, micro-blogging, podcasts, and updates to social networking sites. Each communication you transmit should reinforce your brand or provide a benefit to consumers. You decide what to say, and let us help you spread the word!

Never fear that you have to use social networking tools alone! Our company teaches you how to keep up with social media communications. We encourage you to choose convenient ways to share information with consumers and then build them into one user interface you can access anywhere through an Internet connection!

Our Service Includes:

  • Increase Brand Exposure, Loyalty, and Retention
  • Custom Social Media Profiles
  • Custom Application Development
  • 24/7 Brand Monitoring
  • Engagement Reports
  • Competitive Social Media Analysis
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns

Our Process

Social Profile Optimization
We will develop a social media campaign that seamlessly integrates with your already existing social properties, as well creating new profiles as necessary for any other social sharing platforms that we determine will increase brand exposure (such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube). The social media profiles will be designed and tweaked to emulate and reinforce your branding and company ethos.
Brand and Social Mention Monitoring
Our social media campaigns will actively monitor all mentions of your company on blogs, forums and social networks and report back on the qualitative and quantitative details of each. This allows you to protect your brand and leverage opportunities to drive more sales.
Blog Development and Management
From both an SEO and a marketing perspective, “Content is King.” Our expert writers will produce content on an ongoing basis that is optimized for maximum traffic and viral capacity. Your website’s blog will not only engage current customers but will also be used to curate content on your social networking profiles.